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When I work with a big amount of data, I introduce formulas in Excel by using the shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+arrow. That shortcut allows me to select a whole set of data to the left, right, up or down. Yesterday, I made a change in my regional settings (changed the use of U.S. system to the metric system). After that change, I was no longer able to select data for formulas using that key combination.

Do anybody has an idea how to recover this functionality? I searched on Google, and many of the answers point to uncheck some Excel options regarding Lotus compatibility, but these options are already unchecked on my Excel.

Any helps is very well appreciated.

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Check if you have not accidently activated the Scroll Lock button on your keyboard.

In case this has happened, Excel actually shows this in the status bar:

enter image description here

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Check to see if Transition Navigation Keys is checked.

File -> Options -> Advanced, and scroll down to the bottom

That should be unchecked for the default behavior you had before

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I've had this problem as well, easiest fix for me, save file, exit file, re-enter file, and it's fixed.

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