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I am not a tech. How can I find out this information?

EDIT: Please someone answer this. I don't really want to accept my own answer. Thanks.

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After much search, I think I understand this.

# Flexible display support * Dual integrated dual-link DVI transmitters o DVI 1.0 compliant / HDMI interoperable and HDCP ready*

I believe that the answer to my question above is "No", although I still don't understand enough to be completely clear. I believe this fragment from the T60 site states that my Thinkpad T60 sends a digital signal out to both the monitor and the 2nd monitor port.

If I am right, I just need a cable with the right connectors on it and a digital TV an then I can display videos from my computer on TV.

Please correct me if I am wrong. Regards.

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