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Pretty much in the title. I have a box with very little disk space left and lots of data. I want to add all of the files into a tar, deleting them as I go because there is clearly not enough space to get it all in without deleting the data. So, using the tar --remove-files option should work, if it deletes after it adds each file, not deleting after it completes the entire archive.

It's not sensitive data, just movies and music so I decided to run it anyway, so I'll find out in a while, but if anyone knows, it will certainly set my mind at ease if they could answer. If not, I'll post my findings once it's completed or failed miserably.

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Since you have it running now, you can just monitor disk space or ls some files to see if they're still there. –  Stefan Seidel Sep 17 '12 at 11:35

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