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In windows console (cmd/command) you can write rename a b or move a b. Whats the difference between the two?

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There's two main differences:

  1. rename cannot move files to another directory or drive, move can.

  2. rename cannot overwrite existing files, move can (using the /y parameter).

For more information, see the documentation for rename and move.

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Assuming the traditional cmd.exe shell:

rename cannot move files to a different directory.

move *.txt E:\Notes

But it can rename multiple files at once. For example:

rename very-long-name.c *.cpp

rename *.txt *.lol

rename proj1.* "Project 1.*"

(This works because the MS-DOS and Windows cmd.exe shells, unlike their Unix counterparts, do not expand wildcards automatically – this is left for the program itself.)

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