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I have an alias which attaches process named myprocess in gdb.

i.e. alias myat="gdb /path/to/myprocess $(pgrep myprocess)"
$ type myat
myat is aliased to `gdb /path/to/myprocess 23313'

This will work until myprocess dies and restarts with a new pid.
But, to be able to use the alias again, I have to reload my ~/.bashrc

Is there a better way of specifying this alias, so that I don't need to reload
~/.bashrc ?

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The problem is that bash expands substitutions within double quotes (" ") at the time the alias ... command is run. Either escape the substitution as \$(...), or use single quotes (' ') instead.

alias myat="gdb /path/to/myprocess \$(pgrep myprocess)"
alias myat='gdb /path/to/myprocess $(pgrep myprocess)'

Or use a function instead:

myat() { gdb /path/to/myprocess $(pgrep myprocess); }
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