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I use ssh to run some command remotely,something like this:

ssh user@host 'sudo command'

after that, I got this line shown in the shell:

'unknown': I need something more specific.

what does it mean? I'm sure it's the result of the execution of the command, should be something related to ssh itself.

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What command were you trying to run? – Collin Aug 25 '12 at 4:15
I searched for the msg you get. You should too. maybe you're using "torque"? and maybe it needs a patch? – barlop Aug 25 '12 at 7:22

Its an old question without a valid response, hence answering it now.

The response - "'unknown': I need something more specific" is mostly coming from ncurses / curses library. The reason you are getting it is - there is no valid terminal at the remote.

To get rid of such issues, use -t (or -ttt) with your ssh command.

ssh -ttt user@host 'sudo command'
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