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I'm using zmmailbox to import a .tgz of a mailbox that was exported from another Zimbra server. It works for most mailboxes, but some mailboxes have large folders, and only some of the messages are imported. When I look in the tarball, all the messages are there, but they are in folders like Inbox!1, Inbox!2, etc. Is there a trick to get it to import all of the messages?


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You need to look at mailbox.log when this is triggered because it may not always be a timeout with large mailboxes, errs within the dump can also exit the import. From what I remember everything is logged into /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log and it is very detailed. If in case zmmailbox doesn't help, I think taking a full backup of the account and restoring it to a new account with zmrestore can help. Just a wild thought.

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I just ran into this today, and am still looking for a workaround. For now, the only thing to do seems to be to write a script that would untar each file, match ones with the pattern !d+, copy the contents to the right folder and then tar everything back together again.

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