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I am using Screen Sharing on the Macintosh OS X Lion to view a remote VNC server display. I have found that when I have a shell in emacs which has tons of text scrolling by, the Screen Sharing application starts to behave badly.

The CPU usage of the Screen Sharing application goes to around 105% and stays pegged there and the fan starts running on my MacBook Air. The user input from my side gets held up and not delivered in real time. Sometimes, if I wait it will eventually quiesce and start reflecting my input such as mouse movements and keyboard input belatedly. Other times, waiting a very long time, still never reflecting input events again. In either case, if I quit and restart Screen Sharing, it will behave normally until the next run of lots of text scrolling output being produced on the server.

How can I get Screen Sharing to behave like a normal application, for example, to how TightVNC behaves on Windows?

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Why not use another VNC client? – Keltari Aug 25 '12 at 23:36
What are the free alternatives on Macintosh, I'm not aware of any? – WilliamKF Aug 26 '12 at 13:06
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Ive never used it, but CotVNC seems to be the popular VNC viewer for Mac.

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