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(In Windows/Command line) I'd like to generate a list of all files, and for each file, I also want the full path displayed.

So if you were doing a directory listing of the folder c:\users\me and it had the files a.txt, b.txt and c.txt, I'd want the following output:


Can anyone suggest a tool that does this, or do I have to actually go code this?

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As long as the directory doesn't have more directories in it, using the recurse option /s along with bare format /b will show the entire path with files:

dir /s /b

if there are more folders though it will display all the files in there as well. It's a neat little workaround though.

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thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is exactly what I was looking for (I know about /s, I didn't realize /b would be useful here) thanks! – dplante Sep 25 '09 at 6:17

You can also use the for command, although it's a little more verbose:

for %x in (*) do @echo %~fx

The %~fx tells cmd to output a full path here.

forfiles also works here:

forfiles /c "cmd /c echo @path"
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