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In Open Office Spreadsheet I have cells with strings like "123kg" "3,45m" "0,5g" "345apples" etc.

Which is the function that can parse the numeric prefix on these numbers? So I get "123" "3,45" "0,5" "345".

The VALUE function expects a 100% correct numeric value without postfixes. It cannot parse the prefix only.

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Assuming you want to manipulate the data of cell A1:


You might want to keep only . or , as a separator in the (two) regexps.

What it does is take the first x characters of your cell, where x is the first non-numeric (or non decimal separator) character. The IF(ISERR(...)) ensures you still got a number in case you don't have alpha characters at all. You can remove it if all our values have a unit.

You have to have the option checked in "Tools > Options > Calc > Calculate > Enable regular expressions in formulas".

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Quite hackish but works. I thought there is a standard function to do that. Thanks. – Calmarius Aug 26 '12 at 17:36

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