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My printer doesnt support Air Print, meaning I can't print to it from iOS devices. I discovered some software that acts as a bridge between a computer and your printer to use the computer as a share to perform the printing.

I was wondering, will having printer sharing on slow down the computer? I am aware it would be slowed down while printing, as CUPS is kicking in and being used, having to act as a print server. But does the computer just sitting there with printer sharing on actually slow it down?

I am looking at it along the lines of enabling Apache on a computer. Just turning it on will enable the Apache daemon. This will sit there and do nothing, using perhaps .1% or much less of the machines resources to keep itself alive. Now, if I hit the local Apache, then I can see it would spike the CPU usage and for that time, things would slow down and CPU time would be taken from other processes.

But that is not my concern in this case. While printing, it would be understood that printing slow things down. I just don't want to have to constantly toggle printer sharing on and off all the time to maintain a level of normal performance.

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