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I have a Acer laptop which has Win XP installed. It's hard disk has gone bad. The laptop did not come with a recovery disk but instead had a Windows recovery partition on its hard disk. If I buy a new hard disk while the rest of the components remain the same how can I recover and use the licensed Windows which came with the laptop ?

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You may need to contact Acer for the Software Recovery Discs – kobaltz Aug 26 '12 at 13:50
The product key installed by ACER will do you no good, it is a Volume License Key which will not activate if used. Use the product key from the sticker or order Recovery discs from Acer as suggested by kobaltz and Jake223. – Moab Aug 26 '12 at 14:54

There should be a license code on the bottom of your laptop, on a sticker. You should be able to call Microsoft or Acer and tell them about your problem. With that license code, and a copy of Windows xp, you should be able to reinstall on another drive.

This discussion may also help you.

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