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I have my school email (Zimbra) which I access through IMAP server on Outlook 2010.

I am graduating from my school soon and then my school will shut down the service. I am looking for a way to backup my email on my computer and I also want a copy to be available as long as they provide me the service.

I read an article which says using auto-archive will delete the mails on the server. Someone else said use offline mode, and I am not sure how it works.

Can anyone suggest me a nice way for incremental backup of my email on my computer while leaving a copy on the server itself?

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Can you access your school's email through POP3 and simply download all the files then upload them to say a Google Mail account through the protical. If you want just create a local archive file and COPY AND PASTE the emails into the new "local" archive. Of course I would simply download all the files before the account is closed. – Ramhound Aug 16 '12 at 12:24
I thought about that. Accessing through POP3 is an option if I don't find anything at all. Or I can forward my mails to GMAIL. – Pankaj Parag Aug 16 '12 at 12:28

I would recommend that since you have IMAP available - download thunderbird and configure it for IMAP.

When you have done this, install this addon which allows you to export a thunderbird mailbox into various formats. This should give you what you need.

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