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Is it possible to get beautiful prints in GNU Emacs? By default using M-x print-buffer the output looks ugly, with big fonts and no margin.

For source code it would be nice to get a pretty font, syntax highlighting, a header and line numbering.

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I would suggest using M-x ps-print-buffer-with-faces, it looks much nicer.

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This is what I usually do from emacs, but enscript provided tons of flexibility if you find this to be deficient in some way. – dmckee Sep 25 '09 at 15:14

Download a2ps; it does what you're looking for.

enter image description here

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You might find this page about printing on the Emacs Wiki helpful.

The two most interesting options on there are:

I have to admit I haven't tried either.

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Similar in spirit to a2ps. My link is to the GNU version, but I think that Adobe provided the original.

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