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In nginx 1.2 & 1.3 you can modify the source to change the name:

src/http/ngx_http_header_filter_module.c (lines 48 and 49):

static char ngx_http_server_string[] = "Server: Not Nginx" CRLF;
static char ngx_http_server_full_string[] = "Server: Not Nginx/1.0" CRLF;

Renaming those and recompiling the source changes the server response name in nginx 1.2.

However doing this in 1.3 does not seem to change the name. It still says nginx/1.3.5 and with server_tokens off; it just says nginx.

How can I change the server name in 1.3 without installing the 3rd party addon headers more? I want to compile from source.

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Change: src/http/modules/perl/Makefile.PL

Where it reads:

NAME              => 'nginx',
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I've tried with Nginx 1.3.7. You can still use the same technique as before.

Change: src/http/ngx_http_header_filter_module.c

Where it reads:

static char ngx_http_server_string[] = "Server: nginx" CRLF;

and then change: src/core/nginx.h

Where it reads:

#define NGINX_VERSION      "1.3.7"
#define NGINX_VER          "nginx/" NGINX_VERSION
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