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I'm confused why is this not working? Admin group is having access on the /opt directory and I'm the member of that group and still I can not make a new directory there.

vita@eldamar:/opt$ ll /
total 120K
drwxrwxr-x  14 root admin 4.0K Aug 26 20:32 opt/
vita@eldamar:/opt$ id
uid=1000(vita) gid=1000(vita) groups=120(admin),4(adm),20(dialout),24(cdrom),27(sudo),1000(vita)
vita@eldamar:/opt$ mkdir /opt/x
mkdir: cannot create directory `/opt/x': Permission denied

Does anyone has any idea how this can happen? It is really strange :)

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Is anything mounted at /opt or is it part of the root filesystem? – Paul Aug 27 '12 at 4:15
To answer Paul's question, type df /opt – Doug Harris Aug 27 '12 at 14:52

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