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Given a chart (normal column chart of whatever), how do I export that chart and only that chart as a PNG?

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You can't do this directly from Excel; you need to use an external application:

  1. Select the chart, and then copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl-C).

  2. Open a picture editor that supports saving to PNG.

  3. Do a paste in the picture editor (when copying the chart from Excel 2010, it is recognized as a valid picture on the clipboard). The best will be to paste as new image if the picture editor supports that.

  4. Save as PNG.

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I think it's most easiest way to do that, there another method to do this is write VB script – Ishikawa Yoshi Aug 27 '12 at 9:03

If you're working within the Office environment you don't need any other software, all you need to do is select & copy your chart then choose the Paste Special option. One of those paste options is PNG. The others include:

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • EMF
  • BMP
  • Microsoft Office Drawing Object

If you need to export outside of the Office environment, then you can use Office Picture Manager. Just paste your chart inside your My Pictures folder (or whereever is most convenient). My charts paste as PNG by default, but if yours don't, you can choose your image and File>Export and choose your file type, inlcuding PNG, from the list.

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Try VBA:

When on the active chart click ALT+F11 or CTRL+G

and type:

Activechart.export "D:\chart.png" (use relevant file location - avoid the system partition)

You can change the file extension as you wish (png, jpeg etc.)

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Alt+F11 gets you to the VBA window, but not to a console / textbox in which you can type. – einpoklum May 2 '14 at 7:22

There's a free, open-source Excel add-in to accomplish that, "Daniel's XL Toolbox" (

Disclaimer: I'm the author of that tool.

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