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I'm connecting my Samsung LED S22A300B to my HP EliteBook 6930p through VGA out.

Laptop has Intel 4500MHD video card. I have latest drivers installed for both card and monitor. Only 800x600 and 1024x768 are shown.

A lot of other people get this problem when they use it with docking station as discussed here. But I am not using any docking station.

The monitor works great with my desktop though.

As advised on the aforementioned page, one of the things I tried was to force the resolution using Intel's "custom resolution" feature. I installed PowerStrip on my desktop and copied advanced timing values(front/back porch,sync width, etc.) from there and then used the same values while defining a custom resolution in my laptop's Intel graphics utility. As a result, I got the 1080p resolution but the display is poor. Text has some weird colored shadow and sometimes on images too.

What should I do?

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