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I have the following bash which works

export READ=$(cat /opt/TOKEN.txt);echo "initial_token: $READ" >> cassandra.yaml

I need to escape this so it runs over ssh properly so I tried the following

ssh host 'export READ=\$(cat /opt/TOKEN.txt);echo \"initial_token: \$READ\" >> cassandra.yaml'

yields error

bash: -c: line 0: syntax error near unexpected token `('
bash: -c: line 0: `export READ=\$(cat /opt/TOKEN.txt);echo \"initial_token: \$READ\" >> cassandra.yaml'

as well as

ssh host 'export READ=\$\(cat /opt/TOKEN.txt\);echo \"initial_token: \$READ\" >> cassandra.yaml'

yields error

bash: line 0: export: `/opt/TOKEN.txt)': not a valid identifier

Anyone know how to escape this? thanks, Dean

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You are escaping too much – bash already does no interpretation of single-quoted strings:

ssh host 'READ=$(< /opt/TOKEN.txt); echo "initial_token: $READ" >> cassandra.yaml'
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ah man, this is waaaaaayyyyy cool. I just found this so I don't need to worry about escaping ANYHTHING...

ssh user@serverB <<\EOF
your sql query....
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