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I would like to set cookie exceptions in Google Chrome but I don't know how to avoid several entries for similar domain as in:

  • [*.]
  • [*.]
  • [*.]
  • [*.]
  • ...

Upper configuration of course works, but it means I have to add several entries to just cover amazon sites.

Is it possible to configure these with a single entry?

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Have you tried [*.]amazon.[*]? – Gottlieb Notschnabel Jan 18 at 9:17
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This can't be done in Google Chrome. Information

This is for security reasons. Where [*.] will always be a subdomain of, and therefore a site you trust, allowing all TLD's would allow anyone to create a similar site they have full control of and potentially use in a malicious way. In fact, using amazon as an example, there are some, admittedly unlikely, options still available with various TLDs

Someone with a spare $1300 who fancies making something malicious out of would then get past your mask, and would have nothing to do with Amazon.

If you try and add a wildcard at the end, it'll revert to allowing all sites cookie access (Which is odd behaviour but it won't allow it).

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