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For example I made check box in A1 with "=$B$1" So now, when I click it the "TRUE", "FALSE" text appears depending if check box is checked or not.

The problem starts when I want to duplicate those two to more rows. Now every check box makes the B1 text to change, not the one it represents as in check box A1 should change B1 text, check box in cell A2 should change B2 text and so on, but now all check boxes change the same B1 text.

Is there any workaround?

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How did you create the check box and how did you control it? If you copied the check box, it is exactly that; a copy with the same properties. A little more information will help us help you. – CharlieRB Aug 31 '12 at 19:25

The problem may be partly due to the absolute position you are using when defining your checkboxes. The dollar sign in the formula means that when the formula is moved to other cells, the "dollared" value will not change relative to the new location. It's absolute.

Define the checkbox in A1 as "=$B1". Now when you duplicate to A2, the formula there should become "=$B2".

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