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I am attempting to setup a email server. All my hosting is done on the same IP. I am new to MX Records and cannot seem to find anything that works.

My domain is registered and DNS is by

Can someone please explain how must I setup my MX Records to point to same IP as my web server?

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In order to point your MX record at a specific IP address, you first need an A record for it to point to. As you have a web server, then you probably have one already:  14400 IN A <ip address>

So your MX record would want to look like this:  14400 IN MX 0

This says "Emails for should be delivered to the server with the IP address that resolves to".

It is often a good idea to create a separate A record for your email so you can separate email from the webserver down the track if you need to:  14400 IN A <ip address>  14400 IN MX 0
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Thank you! And thanks for breaking it down for me! – alexander7567 Aug 28 '12 at 14:07

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