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I got the scanned image document from bank and i just want to covert into normal word document with images in ubuntu .

is there any tool for it ?

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There are a number of OCR readers for linux that can convert from image to text. Look at the following options:

All the above, except ocropus, are present in the Ubuntu repository in a package of the same name.

Different readers support different image formats, so you may be limited in your options by the file format your document is in. Alternatively, you can use the convert tool from ImageMagick to change the format if you wish to use a particular OCR reader.

Adapted from my answer here.

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+1 Good Answer :-) – joe Sep 25 '09 at 13:24

You need to install "tesseract-ocr" on your linux machine first.

sudo apt-get install tesseract-ocr

You can do it manually from CLI or i have made PHP code for the same, you can use it if you want.

Note : To running this code , exec command should be enable in php.ini

//IMAGE TO TXT Conversion
    $input_file = $_REQUEST['input_file'];
    $out = explode(".",$input_file);

    $output_file = $out[0]."_".$out[1];
    $output_file_name  =    $output_file.".txt";

    echo "<br />----IMAGE To TXT conversion Started-----</br />";
    echo  exec('tesseract '.$input_file.' '.$output_file);
    echo "<br />----TXT conversion Done-----</br />";

    echo "<br /><b>Please Check----->".$output_file.".txt</b><br />";
    echo "Click <a target='_blank' href='".$output_file_name."'>Here </a>to view it<br />"; 

put this code in root folder and access it from browser,

e.g :

Note : 1.png file should be present in your current directory.

I don't have rights to upload image , i have used this image for reference ,

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