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I have a Intel Core i7 quad core CPU in my Mac Book Pro. The processor supports hyperthreading, so I have 4 physical CPU core and 8 logical ones.

Now, when I assign 4 CPU cores to a virtual machine in VMWare Fusion (version 5, if it matters), does VMWare Fusion use the physical ones before using the logical ones?

I.e. which solution will be used (PC = physical core, LC = logical core):

  • PC1-LC1, PC2-LC1, PC3-LC1, PC4-LC1
  • or: PC1-LC1, PC1-LC2, PC2-LC1, PC2-LC2

Does this even matter?

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Since VMWare Fusion is hosted on OSX (rather than being a bare-metal hypervisor) I expect it depends entirely on how OSX manages physical and logical cores. – RedGrittyBrick Aug 28 '12 at 14:02

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