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  1. Downloaded ActiveTcl from
  2. Installed ActiveTcl at c:/Tcl/
  3. Go to Bin directory in command prompt (Start > Run > cmd > cd c:\Tcl\bin)
  4. To install Expect, I executed the command teacup install Expect

I got the following message:

Resolving Expect ... Not found in the archives.

While a more fuzzy search disregarding letter case and accepting
substrings was done, we are sorry to say that it yielded no possible
candidates for installation either.

Questions to consider:
        Have you spelled the name correctly ?
        Including the proper case of characters ?

Note that teacup's 'search' command allows you to locate packages by
subject, categories, and the like.

Aborting installation, was not able to locate the requested

How do I install Expect on Windows 7 64-bit?

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Expect has not 64bit version, you can only download and install 32bit active tcl and then do teacup install Expect. anyway, Expect has some defects running on 64bit windows...

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Try using the 32-bit Windows Installer instead of the 64-bit Windows Installer for ActiveTcl.

Pansion suggested that the Expect package is 32-bit and won't work with 64-bit Tcl -- I had the same problem and after downloading the 32-bit version, teacup search Expect showed a win32-ix86 Expect package. Then teacup install Expect installed the package correctly.

You can also try installing an older version of Tcl - 32-bit has Expect included in the Tcl install.

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