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I have two routers at my house. Both of them have DCHP server enabled. One of them is and gives adresses from to The other one is and gives adresses from to

The problem is that I only have internet access in one because my ip is, and when I switch to the other one, the ip remains, even though I have automatically get a ip adress in Ipv4. When I manually change my ip to one in the range allowed by the router, I can browse the internet. Any ideas how to solve this? Thank you.

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My guess is that either Windows isn't requesting a new IP (because it has determined the IP is not in use and the subnet hasn't changed), or Windows is requesting a renewal, and as the IP is outside of the range allocated to the second DHCP server, it does not NAQ it. I suggest trying a different subnet on the one of the routers. – Paul Aug 29 '12 at 4:26

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