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I am running a project with an architecture, that can currently serve content only from local filesystem. I want to store content at some CDN. Is there any way (or specific CDNs) I can mount a CDN as a filesystem?

Maybe there is some tool for it?

UPD. Platform-independent, if any.

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You can either use standard windows fire shares (which can be accessed by multiple users at once) mounted as drive letters - or you can use iSCSI which allows a remote storage volume to be used locally over IP. It looks like a 'local' disk instead of as a network drive, however only 1 computer can use a given iSCSI volume at any given time.

Windows has built-in support for both so take your pick.

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And that's related to Content Distribution Networks exactly how? – MSalters Aug 30 '12 at 14:18

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