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I am trying to disable login from user avi on Saturday and Sundays, For that I entered this line in /etc/security/time.conf


For checking this I changed system timing but still possible to login on Saturday and Sunday

what is the mistake here?

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The login service at the start of the line is for any logins that use /bin/login, nothing else. Try changing login to *, which will affect all services.

Also ensure that time_conf checking is enabled for the services you want in /etc/pam.d. For example, if you want to prevent su access, you need to ensure that the line

account    requisite

is uncommented in /etc/pam.d/su

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I tried login to * but still same problem... leave it about Saturday Sunday I want make user avi login between 0900-1700. After that not possible to login for that user, what changes should I do now? – max Aug 30 '12 at 5:07
Did you make the changes in the files in /etc/pam.d? It won't work otherwise. Also how are you trying to login? There are various ways. – teppic Aug 30 '12 at 13:16
ya I tried everything, whatever you said its correct, It should work but I don't no why it's not working... Finally I did this *;*;avi;!SaSu0000-2400 then I got the output... It will disable user avi login from Saturday and Sunday. – max Aug 30 '12 at 13:28


This will disable user avi login from Saturday and Sunday.

This is the syntax

     |   |  | |  |  |   |
     *   ;  * ; avi ;!SaSu0000-2400

services----Is a logic list of PAM service names that the rule applies to.

If you enter * here then applies to all services. Instead of * I can enter game login Then it applies to only those services.

ttys----Is a logic list of terminal names that this rule applies to.

Here also same If you enter * Then It applies to all terminal, or you can enter particular tty name also like tty1 tty2, then It affects to only those terminal.

users----Is a logic list of users or a netgroup of users to whom this rule applies.

In my case I entered user name avi. That means these all condition applies to avi only

times----Times field is used to indicate the times at which this rule applies

These are some example lines which might be specified in /etc/security/time.conf.

All users except for root are denied access to console-login at all times:

login ; tty* & !ttyp* ; !root ; !Al0000-2400

Games (configured to use PAM) are only to be accessed out of working hours. This rule does not apply to the user waster:

games ; * ; !waster ; Wd0000-2400 | Wk1800-0800

And the main thing to work this we have to make proper edit inside /etc/pam.d/ directory

dont ask which file...

That is because see this example

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