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The image file is here, named it 'An_Icon.png' and saved it to ~/Desktop . I used the following commands to install it to my menus:

xdg-desktop-icon install --novendor /home/$(whoami)/Desktop/An_Icon.png

If I edit a .desktop launcher and set the icon value to 'An_Icon' or 'An_Icon.png', nothing happens, but if I named it as just 'Icon.png' and installed it, the icon would work.

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Try this:

xdg-icon-resource install --novendor 48 An_Icon.png

This will copy the icon under ~/.local/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps most likely and make it available for launchers.

Uninstalling is done with:

xdg-icon-resource uninstall --size 48 An_Icon
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