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There is an application for Mac OS X called Dikk that allows one to capture its screen and send it to another user who installed Dikk by simply hitting a key. Is there any similar application for Linux?

I know, I can setup VNC, but I'm looking for a solution that let me push my screen to another user while VNC only allows me to pull it.

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Something that every unix should have on it already is xwd & xwud. You could make a script to perform this function for you, then bind the script to a function key. In gnome this script might look like:


set ans=`Xdialog --title "Dikk-let" \
       --inputbox "Push a screen shot to who?" 10 50`

xwd -root | xwud -display ${ans}:0.0

The script prompts you to type an ip address or host name to send a picture of your root display to someone. If you enter nothing, the screen displays on your machine.

This assumes you have Xdialog installed, i.e. sudo apt-get xdialog

I named my script "dikk" and saved it in a directory where I put little scripts like this -> ~/bin. Given that, you can add a custom from System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts

gnome keyboard shortcut example

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Thanks for the detailed explanation. – Török Gábor Mar 22 '10 at 6:47

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