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Is it possible to clear only 301-redirects from Firefox's cache? CTRL+F5 doesn't do the job since you just reload the target without caching but do not clear the cached redirect.

An option to disable caching of those redirects completely would be fine, too - but some way (possibly through an extension) to remove those cached redirects would be better.

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Use 302 or 307 if you want to redirect temporarily... 301 is for permanent redirection... – inf3rno Dec 7 '13 at 8:56
I know that. But sometimes you forget to change that or your framework uses one (for example, Flask does so when redirecting from /foo to /foo/) – ThiefMaster Dec 7 '13 at 12:02
Hmm most of the frameworks turn off cache by debug mode, or you can turn it off manually if you add no-cache, no-store headers. That will prevent cache by 301 headers too, if I am right. If it was cached recently, you can clear the recent cache by history/clear recent history. If it was not recent, you can find the site in the history, click on it with the right button and choose delete this page or forget about this site. Theoretically all of these are working, in practice I never used them to remove a redirection from the cache... – inf3rno Dec 7 '13 at 18:17
FYI - 302 gets cached as well – dsmtoday Jan 16 at 1:36
"This response is only cacheable if indicated by a Cache-Control or Expires header field." - so unlike 301 it shouldn't be cached all the time – ThiefMaster Jan 16 at 1:42

Locate the site you are redirected from in the History sidebar. Right-click it and select "Forget about this site".

No addons required!

P.S. I'm pretty sure this didn't work in the past, but nowadays following the redirect and then clearing the cache for past hour will actually remove the cached redirect.

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Didn't work for me. – Dave L. Jan 9 '14 at 17:26
Worked for me, thanks! (; – Francisco Presencia Jul 5 '14 at 19:25
Works for me too. Make sure you delete the history entry of the site you're being redirected from, not the site you're redirected to. – marcvangend Oct 7 '14 at 9:22
Nice and easy, awesome! – Jose B May 5 '15 at 19:48
Confirmed on Firefox 41. But note: "Forget about this site" will forget the cached pages, URL history (needed for auto-completion) and even saved passwords for the whole domain. It says "site", not "page", and this feature seems intended to protect your surf history privacy. It might not be what you want here, so be careful. – tanius Oct 9 '15 at 21:01

The quickest way to remove the cache in Firefox, which includes 301 redirects, is the following:

  • Press CTRL + SHIFT + Delete
  • Change the time range, if needed
  • Click on Details and uncheck everything other than "cache"
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Another solution is;

  • Open the Developer toolbar on the Network tab (Ctrl+Shift+Q or Cmd+Opt+Q)
  • Ensure the "All" or "HTML" filter is enabled on the bottom row
  • Navigate to the URL you're receiving a cached redirect on, as usual
  • Notice the first HTML request will show a 301 in the Network list
  • Right-click that row, choose "Edit and Resend"
  • A pane will display on the right, allowing you to edit the HTTP request. Just click "Send"
  • A new HTML request will show in the Network list, this time (hopefully!) returning a 200
  • Navigate to the URL again, it should work as expected
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Thanks, this is a good scalpel-y way that works for pages that return an error (and thus don't show in history). – cincodenada Apr 8 at 0:46

Here is the simple solution for this in Firefox:

Menu -> Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Clear Now

and it's done.

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Nice! Unlike my solution, this works even if your only visit to the site is a redirect to an error page, because those don't appear in the history and you have nothing to click "Forget about this site" on. – romkyns Aug 14 '14 at 16:31
this does not work for me – Asped Nov 7 '14 at 9:21
the only problem with this solution is that it doesn't clear only 301-redirect as the OP would like. – Loopo Dec 23 '14 at 15:00

The only solution I've found so far - short of clearing the whole cache - is the "Disable entire cache" toggle in Web Developer Toolbar. Once disabled you hard reload the page and you get the new version (remember to uncheck the toggle after you're done).

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I see a "Disable DNS cache" option, and that seems to do what I want. Very annoying this caching! Thanks for the tip. – SPRBRN Apr 24 '13 at 13:58
Additionally to "Disable entire cache" I had to select "Check For Newer Version Of Page Every Time" for the redirect cache to be forgotten. This is the only solution that worked for me on Firefox 35.0.1. – user194149 Feb 4 '15 at 11:50

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