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My church wants to get 2 or so cameras and a projector and would like to do live feeds of whats going on on a big screen. I need to pull live streams onto a computer and then change what shows on the projector from one to another.

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and which operating system would this be for? –  Troggy Sep 25 '09 at 14:16
Windows Xp, Vista, or Windows 7 the computer for this has not been built yet but they do not want a Mac –  Brian Sep 25 '09 at 14:27
CamUniversal 3.8 is a WebCam Tool –  joe Sep 25 '09 at 14:31
Is there a reason for the pc to be there? Otherwise a simple video switch may be much cheaper/easier –  Keck Sep 25 '09 at 14:59
EasyCCTV (Shareware, try before you buy) softpedia.com/get/Internet/WebCam/EasyCCTV.shtml –  Molly7244 Sep 25 '09 at 15:26
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I'm currently trying MPEG4NVR. So far I like it. Free, and ad-free. Find it here http://download.cnet.com/MPEG4-NVR/3000-2348_4-10599755.html

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EasyCCTV captures images up to 30 frames per second from any USB video device. The program performs simultaneous recording. You can use your camera(s) as part of a surveillance system.

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