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I have wamp installed. I ran the server, everything is running fine from localhost and my local ip address. I forwarded port 80 on my router. Whenever I try to access the server from the outside, using my real ip, it doesn't work and timeouts.

I though port forwarding is not working, forwarded another port for different service and it went through, so the problem is with apache. I checked the error log, didn't find any errors. Skype is off. Any tips what could be causing this? Thanks!

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Did you check windows firewall to see if it allows access to port 80? Also, can you try from another machine on the same subnet behind the same router?

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Thank you very much, windows firewall was the problem! – JoeWolf Mar 22 '12 at 17:45

It's likely that your ISP is blocking port 80/tcp. Try forwarding a high ephemeral port to port 80 on your server.

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Thanks! I running a different server app on port 80 and it went through, so it appears that's not the case. Any other tips? – JoeWolf Mar 22 '12 at 17:24

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