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On my computer at work, I am one of the few running Windows 7. Because of this, I have IE9, and the LPS site does not work unless I render the page as IE7.

Searching for a way to make IE render it without changing the settings every time the page changes leads me to results for the code that a web developer should be using, but I can't do that.

How can I force IE9 to render as IE7 on it's own? (Ideally by site, but overall is fine too.)

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  • Fire up Internet Explorer.
  • Click the 'Tools' menu, then click 'Developer Tools'. Alternatively, just press F12.

That should open the Developer Tools window. That window has two menu items that are of interest:

  • Browser Mode. This setting determines the value of the user-agent header sent for every request.
  • Document Mode. This setting determines how the rendering engine renders the page.

More at

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I do this all the time. But since the site has some popups that could potentially expire because it has to load the page again after changing the setting, I'm looking for a way to have this happen automatically. – Citrus Rain Aug 30 '12 at 16:56

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