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So I've got this spreadsheet open using OpenOffice Calc (ver 3.3.0) and its set up a little like this:

 A           B          C         D     quantity     price     total      10           10        100      20           6         120      30           7         210

Each cell in the "total" column is obtained by multiplying the two cells to the left of it, and what I'm trying to do is to get it so that Calc highlights the highest value in the total column (even better if it could highlight the entire row). I've tried using MAX(D1:D4) in the Conditional Formatting section, but it highlights multiple values. How do I get it to highlight just the highest value?

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You should use MAX($D$1:$D$4) instead, in your condition.

To highlight the whole row, you can select Formula is instead of Cell value is, and use the following formula: $D4=MAX($D$2:$D$4) (assuming you selected your block starting from A1 and ending in D4):

enter image description here

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You want to test whether a value is MAX Highlight A1:D4 enter image description here


This highlights the row, make sure to use the $D2 not D2 or $D$2 so the formula adjusts correctly for the range

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