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My father called me up with an issue he needed help with. He had edited a Word document he received and found out he was unable to mail it, as it was extremely large. The number of pages was low, but there were images. I knew immediately that one of the images had to be a large file. I had him remove the images one by one till we found the offending image.

But, there has to be an easier way to do this, isnt there?

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Save the Word file .docx as .zip and open the zip folder word\media\.

It will show the file sizes.

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Probably the easiest way is to just compress each image. Click the Format menu and choose Compress Pictures. This will remove any unneeded image data including parts that have been cropped out but are still kept in the image data.

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For pictures:

File--> "reduce file size" from there you can chose various options including compress all or only selected pictures. You can also have the file eliminate cropped regions data which may still be piggy-backing with the pictures.

This won't help you identify the offending image but is a quick way to compress all pictures in order to eliminate them as possible offenders.

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