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My question is in the title. Problem:

Comparison with other distros doesn't speak about installing a local .deb in Debian or whatever is Gentoo's equivalent or Alpine Linux's .apk. Plus the command apk add complains about unsatisfiable dependencies for the world when I want it to install from .apk file downloaded, and it doesn't tell what's wrong, just:

world: <package_name> <package_name>

Simple more-or-less obvious searches such as how to install apk on alpine linux returns something weird or Android stuff, making Alpine Linux look like it doesn't exist in the first place -or- doesn't support installing a downloaded package like you can do in Debian with dpkg.

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Let's say you are trying to install glibc in Alpine

Download the packages into your current directory

wget ""
wget ""

Then, use apk with --allow-untrusted flag

apk add --allow-untrusted glibc-2.21-r2.apk glibc-bin-2.21-r2.apk

And finish the installation (only needed in this example)

/usr/glibc/usr/bin/ldconfig /lib /usr/glibc/usr/lib
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Look at the AlpineLinux Wiki page on Alpine Linux package management?

Verbatim from there,

Because Alpine Linux is designed to run from RAM, package management involves two phases:

  1. Installing / Upgrading / Deleting packages on a running system
  2. Restoring a system to a previously configured state (e.g. after reboot), including all previously installed packages and locally modified configuration files. (RAM-Based Installs Only)

apk is the tool used to install, upgrade, or delete software on a running sytem.
lbu is the tool used to capture the data necessary to restore a system to a previously configured state.

This page documents the apk tool - See the Alpine Local Backup page for the lbu tool.

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This does not answer the question. – gdw2 Jun 20 '15 at 2:59

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