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How do I revert back to Internet Explorer 5 on Windows 2000 Professional, if I updated it to Internet Explorer 6 via microsoft automatic updates?

Before people ask why I want to do this and why am I still on Windows 2000, I need to do this for testing purposes.

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I think you can give this program a shot: It seems that you may even test with more than just IE 5


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I have used this program for testing as we thought it would be important to have all versions compliant. It took too long and I gave up but the point is, the software you suggest is great! +1 – Dave Aug 31 '12 at 8:36

I have read many posts on this and it seems difficult but some have managed to do it. If IE6 came pre-installed then you're stuck with it, but as it is you should be OK since you upgraded.

You could try to run this command and hope it works: w2kexcp.exe /u

Or, in control panel's add/remove programs show hidden.

A suggestion from here :

Open C:\Program files\Internet Explorer.
Right click the folder Uninstall information.
Click Properties
Uncheck the hidden mode and press OK.
Go to C:\Program files\Internet Explorer\Setup.
Run setup.exe

And lastly, this software can do it for 2000 and XP

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