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I'm not sure if this is possible, but I want to type in foo, hit enter, and be directed to bar.com.

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You can achieve that by taking advantage of the Custom search engines feature in Google Chrome to create simple URL shortcuts. Even though it should be used to create shortcuts for custom search engines, you can use it to create shortcuts to any URL.

  1. Right-click the address bar in Google Chrome and click Edit search engines... (or type chrome://chrome/settings/searchEngines in the address bar).

  2. In the Other search engines table, scroll down, and click the Add a new search engine empty box.

    • In the Add a new search engine box, type the name of the shortcut (i.e bar).
    • In the Keyword box, type the shortcut keyword (i.e foo).
    • In the URL with %s in place of query box, type the URL of the website (i.e http://bar.com).

Then, if you type the keyword foo in the address bar, a suggestion named bar will pop up, and by clicking Enter, you will be redirected to http://bar.com.

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