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Every time I view a video in Lightroom 4, it creates an empty folder in ~/Documents called "Adobe" with the folder "dynamiclinkmediaserver" inside. This is very annoying because I would like to keep my Documents rid of useless folders. Is there any way to prevent this folder from being created? Whenever I delete it, the folder comes back.

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This has annoyed me for a while too! On my hunt for a solution, i found this post and thought i'd post the solution i've come up with to tackle it.

We can't get Adobe to put the folder anywhere else (i.e. /Library/...), but we can hide the folder by changing the chflags.

Type the following into the terminal to hide the folder. (It'll still be there, just hidden.)

chflags hidden ~/Documents/Adobe

If for whatever reason, you want it visible again, just do this:

chflags nohidden ~/Documents/Adobe

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The issue is also dicsussed here and here without solutions but where you can track the issue. At the last link you can vote for the issue.

The only solution for getting a clean-looking Documents folder back is marking the Adobe folder as invisible using Windows Explorer.

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