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I had a gmail account from which I exported all mails to Kmail before I deleted it.

The mails where splitted between a folder named Local Folders (about 10000 mails) and a folder named gmail (~7000 mails).

Yesterday I moved all mails in Local Folders to the one named gmail to be consistent, the changed didn't seemed to take effect (no meaningful message, apparently no action), however this morning I could see that mails where moved successully. But later on, after I tried and fail to archive all those mails (got "Failed to archive the folder %name% . Downloading a message in folder %name% failed.").

NOW I noticed that all mails previously in "Local Folders" are missing (about 10K mails see above), I can't find them anywhere. Any chance to get them back ? If so where to look ?

Is Kmail a kind of bad joke ? Really.

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