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In my linux mint 13 xfce install I was creating a keyboard shortcut for gnome-terminal when I came across another binary called gnome-terminal.wrapper.

xfce4-terminal also has an equivalent xfce4-terminal.wrapper binary.

What is the purpose of the .wrapper extension? The man pages don't seem to say anything about it.

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The wrapper makes the command-line arguments of xfce4-terminal (or gnome-terminal) consistent with the arguments for (u)xterm. This way the app can serve as a drop-in replacement for xterm when invoked from other applications.

For example, it can be used by clusterssh (terminal=/usr/bin/xfce4-terminal.wrapper), and your favorite desktop's "run command in terminal" feature if you change your default terminal application.

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Run the file command on that gnome-terminal.wrapper (or other) file, you'll find out it is some (e.g. Perl) script. Look into that script, you'll guess it is translating some arguments....

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