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I notice there are shortcut-like arrows in a few of my fonts.

Anybody knows what these means?

enter image description here

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Those arrows indicate fonts that are stored in a location other than C:\Windows\Fonts. When you attempt to open that folder in Windows Explorer, it actually opens a special fonts utility with all installed fonts on the system. To get an actual listing of the files in the directory, use dir C:\Windows\Fonts in the command prompt.

Installed fonts are actually listed in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts registry key; the value name is the font name and the data is the location. If the location has no path specified, the default fonts folder is assumed (%SystemRoot%\Fonts). If there is a path specified, then you get that shortcut arrow when you attempt to use the Windows fonts utility.

Screenshot of registry key
Click for full size

You can also see the path of a specific font in the properties:

Screenshot of properties window
Click for full size

Screenshot of properties window
Click for full size

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