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I've got an elilo (EFI LILO) config file that includes spaces in the label - like that:

 label="Gentoo IA64 3.1.6"

How can I select this label from ELILO's command line - the usual suspects:

  • Gentoo IA64 3.1.6
  • "Gentoo IA64 3.1.6"
  • 'Gentoo IA64 3.1.6'
  • Gentoo\ IA64\ 3.1.6

all fail with the Kernel file not found Gentoo/"Gentoo/'Gentoo/Gentoo\" kind of error.

Surely there must be a way to use a 'space' without making it a parameter delimeter?

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How about \x20 or \040 or using another bootloader? –  grawity Sep 2 '12 at 11:22
I'd take a look at \x20 or \040 next time I reboot this beast. I ended up editing the elilo.conf from EFI Shell edit command - do you know any better IA64 EFI bootloaders? –  qdot Sep 3 '12 at 20:06

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