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I have virtualized laptops before, when someone gets a new one and doesn't want to quite let go of their old laptop for fear of losing something.

This was using VMWare Workstation 7.X. In 8.0 when I go to "Convert a Physical Machine to a Virtual Machine", it asks for an IP address and doesn't give the option to virtualize the machine it's running on. How to I get VMWare to virtualize it's current system?

I tried typing in Localhost, and but that didn't do it.

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  1. Open the VMWare vCenter Converter Standalone Client
  2. Choose to connect to a local server
  3. Click convert machine
  4. Choose a "powered-on machine"
  5. Click "this local machine"
  6. Select destination type as VMWare Workstation virtual machine
  7. Select a location (pick a different drive)
  8. Click next then check that you have the proper "hardware" selected for the VM you want to build.
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