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Is it possible to increase the font size on the Sublime Text status bar? I did some searching and didn't find much at all on the subject. I sometimes miss important information displayed in the status bar simply because its so small I don't notice it.

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Select Browse Packages… (menu location is OS-dependent, it's in Sublime Text 2 » Preferences on OS X), and enter the Theme - Default directory. Edit Default.sublime-theme to set a font.size value for the element with "class": "label_control", e.g. like the following:

    "class": "label_control",
    "color": [255, 255, 255],
    "shadow_color": [24, 24, 24],
    "shadow_offset": [0, -1],
    "font.size": 18.0


Screenshot of large status bar

If you installed other themes, you need to change them instead, of course.

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I realise this is an old question, but I had a similar problem where all the text was too small; status bar, tabs, folder/file tree etc. The answer was to add "dpi_scale": 2.0 to my Sublime Prefs, as detailed here

so you can just go ahead and open your user preferences (Preferences > Settings - User). Next, add the following line: "dpi_scale": 2.0. If you haven't yet changed settings here before, the file has to follow the JSON format, so be sure to place the appropriate commas. After adding the line, save the file. With the setting changed and saved, just restart Sublime Text.

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Could you quote the relevant parts from your link? This is in case the link is edited or removed in the future. Please take our tour or read How to Answer. – Burgi Jun 1 at 11:41
um, I have: The answer was to add "dpi_scale": 2.0 to my Sublime Prefs – bordeltabernacle Jun 1 at 14:12
@bordeltabernacle You might want to quote the rest of the instructions ... it's only 2 paragraphs ... – DavidPostill Jun 1 at 14:31

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