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I have an M4A785TD-M EVO Asus motherboard which uses Asus Express Gate for its motherboard (says American Megatrends, Inc at the bottom). I activate it by pressing Del; also says Tab activates BIOS Post but that doesn't seem to do anything.

I went into this expecting to see a breakdown of the partitions. I have a 300GB hard-drive separated into 3 partitions. While it does show SATA for my main hard-drive and my disk drive, it doesn't show the partitions. Is this typical? Do I have to us an OS-based tool to delete the partitions or can I delete using my BIOS?

I tried updating the BIOS through Asus's Update utility but it appears to be broken (connects/disconnects repeatedly). I used HWiNFO32 to get some information:

BIOS Date: 06/30/10

BIOS Version: 2103

EFI BIOS: Not Capable

Tried to update but it directs me to which wants $30 for the download (another question would be how to avoid them).

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"While it does show SATA for my main hard-drive and my disk drive, it doesn't show the partitions. Is this typical?" YES – Moab Sep 3 '12 at 21:19
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you cannot view or edit partitions from BIOS. You need to boot into an operating system. It is easier if it has a gui though.

Get Parted Magic. Burn it to cd/usb, and boot your computer to it. Mount the hd.

Please be careful, editing partitions can render your system unbootable. Backup your data before you change/adjust anything.

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It is normal for BIOS to not show the partitions of your hard drive. BIOS stands for "basic input/output system," so it's what BIOS can do will not be enough to accomplish tasks such as deleting a partition. If you need to delete a partition, it needs to be done on an operating system such as Windows or Linux.

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