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I have the following home network setup with subnet but recently moved my time capsule to a different location when I added a third Home Plug and can no longer ping or map a network drive to it from the Windows 7 Machine. However using Airport Utility on the Windows 7 machine I can manually configure the Time Capsule.

Using a Macbook on WIFI Network 1 or 2 - I can backup to the time capsule, so its accessible via both the router wifi network and the time capsule wifi network.

The Time Capsule is set to BRIDGE function - ie no NAT or DHCP server enabled.

Any bright sparks out there that can help diagnose the problem?

    Router ( WIFI Network 1
       |---- Home Plug one

       |---- Home Plug Two
          |---- Computer A Windows 7 (
          |---- Printer (

       |---- Home Plug Three
          |---- Apple Time Capsule ( WIFI Network 2
               |---- Smart TV (
               |---- Apple TV (
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What does "moved my time capsule to a different Location" mean? Where was it before? Did the Network topology Change? Another question: does the apple time capsule filter netbios traffic, is there an Option to configure that? – Werner Henze May 3 '13 at 9:55

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