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Since yesterday, my /etc/hosts file disappears "magically" on restart. When I recreate it via sudo vim hosts everything works, but it's gone once I restart. I'm on Mac OSX 10.6.8, running MAMP 1.9.4 (recently added new virtual hosts, worked without problems before). After every restart /etc/hosts and /private/etc/hosts show only these:


The ~orig files are my own backups, I'm aware of the issue and have thus created as a link file (ln - alias of hosts). However now it's just empty, because hosts is not there. Any ideas?

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Well, I opened the Console applications to check the logs on startup and here is the "magic" that happened:

4/9/12 12:02:05 PM  vpnagent[47]    Restoring backup hosts file: /etc/

D'uh. is an empty link file and overwrites hosts at every startup. Hence, no hosts file after startup. I just reversed the link ( links to hosts), restarted and it worked. Question is answered.

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