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I have about 16GB of data that I'd like to burn onto DVDs. Many small files and a few large (one is 13GB).

I'm looking for a good option to get all that data spanned across a few DVDs. I realize one option could be to use 7zip to make multiple archives, each 4.7GB, but before I go that route I figured I'd ask here first. :-)

I tried the built-in backup app that comes with Windows 7, but it didn't seem to want to span DVD and crapped out when the first DVD filled.

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You best option is really the split archives using 7zip. It's simple, easy, and will use up every last bit of each DVD (excluding overburning). This way you'll also gain a extra space if the content isn't already compressed.

On that note, if the content is already compressed you might want to turn off compression or use lower compression settings to save some CPU time since you won't gain much space from compressing compressed content.

I recently backed up 1.36 TB of media to many DVDs using 7zip.

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sigh yeah... I had already started the 7zip compress/split. :-) Just thinking that surely there's utilities already out there capable of spanning DVDs. – Chris_K Sep 26 '09 at 1:28
Oh fer pete's sake. I had 7zip split do DVD sized (preset option) and the resulting files appear to be just a little too large to burn to disk... – Chris_K Sep 26 '09 at 15:31
For posterity's sake: Using the 7zip split files worked just fine with Win7's built-in "Copy to DVD" function. – Chris_K Sep 27 '09 at 13:24

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